Sunday, February 6, 2011

Welcome to CUT! The Crafting Challenge.

Welcome to Cut! The Crafting Challenge. This is a blog competition dedicated to the wonderful crafting bloggers out there, be it the established blog owners or those just beginning. Cut! is designed to challenge crafters out there and maybe give you a chance to make that one item you've had on your to do list for a while now, or maybe make something you never thought you would enjoy.

The rules for Cut! are simple. First, you must be a crafter of some sort. Be it a quilter, a cross stitcher, or just someone that likes to make things for your friends and family. You don't HAVE to have a blog, but it is preferred in hopes of spreading our crafting community every farther. Cut! will run until its finished and the length of the competition will be determined by the activity of those competing. You will be given crafting ingredients, which your design must use. the items don't have to be seen, but if you are using them as support of such, then we request you include "Work in Progress" pictures so the judges can see your use of the items. If your design doesn't use all of the ingredients, then you may be Cut! before voting begins.

An audition round will start us off, where you are given four different items that you must include in your project. The project can be anything you wish and even be created from a tutorial elsewhere, so long as you link the tutorial you used in your entry. You may blog about your audition piece in work, but please try not show your finished design until after the voting is finished.

Once the auditions are over, a public vote will be created to pick the top 5-10 crafting projects. If your project has been selected, you move on to round one, given a new set of crafting ingredients, and will be given a week to finish the project and send it in. once all entries are in, the voting will begin again and the person with the least amount of votes will be Cut! The competition will continue as this until the final round.

The winner will receive a $50 gift card to the crafting store of their choice, since some areas do not have the same stores. The winner will also receive a metal for being the first winner of Cut! as well as a surprise gift package of items they may not already own.

If you get Cut!, don't worry. There will be another competition for you to show off once more, details for that coming soon.

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